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Out of that new generation steps Msemaji Ukweli — played with both edge and feeling by Pascale Armand — a smart, savvy young author whose memoir has blown the roof off the literary world. - Sara Holdren, Vulture For full review, click here

Armand pours out brilliant charm and indignant fervor with equal ease. - Michael Feingold, The Village Voice

Pascale Armand...does an impressive job of navigating the role of Msemaji Ukweli...although she is more stealthy in her counterattacks. - Jonathan Mandell, DC Theatre Scene

Pascale Armand's Msemaji is equally compelling, an intellectual street fighter whose technique is admirably subtle. - David Barbuor, Lighting and Sound America

Armand brings shape and depth to her role - Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

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