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Pascale the Playwright

The blank page called and Pascale answered. In January of 2018, Donald Trump made an erroneous statement that compelled Pascale to put pen to paper. Since then, she has been developing her theatrical one-woman show aptly named $#!THOLE COUNTRY CLAPBACK. The piece chronicles her family's immigration journey to, in and outside of the US while she comes to terms with her dual identity and the inextricable link between Haiti and America so conveniently ignored, dismissed, forgotten or simply unknown. Progress so far includes:

  • Initial development at Studio Tisch - NYU

  • Participation in the New Black Fest at The Lark 2019 - NYC

  • Participation in The Gathering at Georgetown University - Washington, DC

  • En Garde Arts hosting a reading through Uncommon Voices - Brooklyn, NY

  • A reading at Georgia College - Milledgeville, GA

  • Online reading, October 2020 - Loading Dock Theatre

En Garde Arts presented Uncommon Voices for All Arts TV. $#!thole Country Clapback was featured in the first episode of the series. Watch an excerpt here:

During the Pandemic of 2020, #24HourPlays invited Pascale to write a viral monologue. Doing this allowed many artists to stay productive while the world stood still. In 24 hours, a playwright and actor were paired, a monologue was written, the actor received, memorized and filmed it and the piece was posted online.  Working with Saidah Arrika Ekulona, here's what Pascale came up with:

Pascale the Playwright

So the pandemic had me producing a one-woman show from my apartment! In collaboration of The Forklift Reading Series of The Loading Dock Theatre, Kimille Howard directed me in my one-woman streaming extravaganza! $#!thole Country Clapback aired on Saturday, October 24, 2020 and streamed for 4 days till October 28, 2020. I partnered with NY Friends of Haiti, a charitable organization that supports both humanitarian efforts on the island as well as assisting the Haitian diaspora in the US. Reading is available on YouTube per request. The trailer is below.

Pascale Armand's SCC Flyer nodates.png
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