Natural  Wash

I've been on a natural hair journey for a LONG time since growing tired of chemically processed hair. I wore synthetic braids for years to maintain a style while growing her out. When I felt comfortable with my crown's length, I started wearing her out. Now that I was washing her with the intention of showcasing her, I entered a phase of trial & error for the right products.


By this time, the Natural Hair movement was taking flight & more products were appearing on retail shelves along with info about natural hair care on social media. I was making more informed choices about what to buy for my hair & she was thriving. However, there was always something that I couldn’t pronounce on shampoo ingredient lists (can you say Phenoxyethanol?), but I happily tried it all because I remember a time when I had NO choices. My stash kept growing, my hair bill was getting larger & I had no routine for always buying & trying something new. Then IT happened - NO NEW LENGTH. My hair was clean, but would feel rough after washing & it took so much product to replenish moisture. I wondered if I should do something different. So I did.


In 2018, I started researching cleansers that were pure and simple. I discovered African Black Soap. It’s so natural that it could be stripping on its own, but it’s so pure you can bathe a newborn with it. When combined with oils that didn't weigh my hair down, it seemed to do the trick. I found a combination of 7 natural ingredients that worked for me. With my concoction, I could use whatever conditioner I wanted and get results that made my hair feel and look great. The compliments I receive proved I was on the right path. I know I'm not alone in this so I am making Natural Wash available to you.

Natural Wash Shampoo cleanses natural hair with 7 top-notch ingredients. The star is African Black Soap. 

Each ounce is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. However you manage your crown, make sure it is nourished. This concoction of African Black Soap and natural oils is that first step!


Natural Wash - 2 oz. - $9

Natural Wash - 4 oz - $18

Natural Wash Combo pack - 6 oz. - $24

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